The course overview:

Media Studies entails two courses: G321-a portfolio in Media (this is the coursework) and G322-a 2 hour long exam paper on key Media concepts. Both courses are marked out of a 100 meaning 50% for each of the papers. To explain in more depth, the coursework consists of a preliminary exercise where we have to film and edit a character opening a door then a couple lines of dialogue is shared between two characters. Also the main task of G321 is creating an opening of a fiction film; lasting a maximum of two minutes. The final part of Media studies is the exam paper that’s split into two sections; covering two areas of textual analysis/representation as well as institutions and audiences. Which section A we are required to answer one question based on an unseen moving image and section B we answer one question based on audiences and institutions. In section B we study a specific media industry choice of video games, films, radio, newspapers, music or magazines.

I am particularly keen in learning more about how the media covers the news as I have learnt that they only show us want they want to show us. Therefore we don’t have the privilege to know the real truth behind the story they publish or film. In other words, I feel that we are not necessarily lied to, but we have no idea about the full story. We are simply told the information they provide us with. Thus, they can decide whether we know about a certain subject or not, for instance the Daily Mail is biased, which tends to cherry-pick stories to manipulate the reader into believing a certain subject. As a result, I would like to understand a little more on which Media articles reliably report the news and clearly separate fact from opinion.

What have I discovered so far:

Also I have gained an understanding of several different genres presented in films; specifically the horror and thriller genre. This is because my group and I discussed the characteristics, sound/filming techniques, settings, costumes and the structure of the thriller genre. So when we had to make our own presentation on a chosen genre, I selected Thriller because I knew quite a lot of information to do with Horror. Therefore, I thought it would be more beneficial to chose something I didn’t know so much about; in fact sometimes I would mistake a characteristic of a Horror film with a Thriller film. Moreover, I now know the difference between two genres of a film.

My favourite actors/actresses:

. Will Smith (Bad boys, Fresh prince of Belair and Men in black)

. Zac Efron (17 again, Bad neighbours, High school musical)

. Leonardo Dicaprio (Titanic, and Romeo and Juliet)

. Emma Watson (Harry potter, The perks of being a wallflower)

.Shailene Woodley (The fault in our stars)

.Jennifer Anniston (Friends, We’re the millers)

Interesting topics in the news:

Recently, there has been several reports to do with ISIS attacks and the devastation they cause to countries like France and Belgium. They are interesting to me because the events have been broadcasted differently; meaning that each report has a similar story line but focus on different key aspects. For example: I remember reading one article that was based around the impact of the bombing on young children, whereas another was centred around the ISIS terrorist attacker.

Taryn Connor