I have watched the 1994 comedy-drama film “Forrest Gump” starring Tom Hanks many times because I love the story and the important meaning portrayed in the film-this is to have a more positive outlook on life. Robert Jemeckcis, the Director, combines two genres into one; expressing humour, sadness, drama and action.

The film follows the life of a man who’s optimistic towards everything he faces; despite lacking in intelligence and wearing braces on his leg, when he gets them off he can run much faster than any other person (like his childhood bullies). Gump joins the Vietnam War and achieves many life long goals, for instance he wins several medals, meets the President, is the captain of a Shrimp fishing boat and many more. But his only hope is to be with he’s childhood love “Jenny” although she gets in some trouble he tries to help and remains in love with her throughout his life.


The film poster:


What I like most about the “Forrest Gump” film poster is the way in which the Rule Of Thirds technique is used; as shown by the main protagonist being centred right. This is successful in attracting the viewers attention for the reason that we instantly look at how he is sitting on the bench alone, looking to the left. Which when watching the film we understand that Forrest Gump frequently sits on  this bench talking to strangers, making them feel better. The bench dominates most of the bottom half of the film poster, so I feel like the bench will be a significant prop in the film. Also the title of the film and the main actor is positioned in large font at the the top, right hand corner. Therefore, we can infer this will grab Tom Hanks’ fans as they can evidently see that he stars in the film. I think the colour choice in the poster may resolve in the viewer associating red, blue and white to the American flag and then making a connection with the film being about the war as Forrest Gump is an American soldier.The white background reflects the character Gumps’s innocence as the colour white is a symbol of hope and vulnerabilty; much like how his character is seen as “dumb” but he goes onto achieving better things than anyone would have imagined.

After watching the film I definitely agree that the film is categorised as a comedy-drama because it contains many aspects and conventions of the genres. For example: the film portrays the journey of a character’s development, it moves the audience emotionally as the film coveys real life situations, exploration of relationships, the protagonist relates well to the audience; all of which are conventions of a Drama film. As in “Forrest Gump” it challenges the ignorance of stereotypes, due to Forrest Gump being bullied when he had to wear braces because of his disability. But he overcomes this one day when he is chased by them and breaks free from the braces on his leg; reinforcing the conventions of a drama film by the message of you are capable to do anything you want despite being held back by others, portrayed in the film.

Although it does contain some scenes of fighting in the war, it does not make it an Action film because the film is not centred around the War; it consists of a journey Forrest Gump went through and the War expresses how Gump endured pain in the conflict leading to the climax of achieving great things and still ending up back with Jenny who gets in some trouble. So we can see the film as Romantic because the film reveals a story about two people, where one is in love but the other person doesn’t feel the same way.

There are many humorous scenes in “Forrest Gump” which supports it being in the Comedy genre because of how well Tom Hanks acts as an extremely funny character. Also there are many puns running throughout the film to lighten the mood and decrease the tension as otherwise it would be classified as a Drama film.

Here are a couple of my favourite parts of the film “Forrest Gump”:

Overall, I believe “Forrest Gump” is an exceptional film, in the sense that we can learn many life lessons from the characters like Forrest and his mother who are very optimistic about life in general. I would 100% recommend this film to anyone who loves a comedy-drama which the film deals with serious issues and the emotions it evokes as well as the reference to historical events and cultural influences. And of course the most iconic and memorable line…