Based on Paula Hawkins debut novel of “The Girl On The Train”, I believe that Director Taylor Tate’s psycological thriller film of the same name was outstanding. It was the frist Dreamworks pictures film to be released by Universal pictures, and it was done exceptionally.

The film stars the following:

  • The protagonist- Emily Blunt as ‘Rachel Watson”
  • Hayley Bennett as “Meghan”
  • Rebecca Ferguson as “Anna”
  • Luke Evans as “Scott”
  • The antagonist (not revealed until the very end) Justin Theroux as “Tom”
  • Edgar Ramirez as “Dr. Kamal Abdic”
  • Darren Goldstein as “Man in suit”

The main character Rachel Watson, is an alcholic who has previously divorced her husband due to her self-destructed behaviour and suffered blackouts because of her excessive drinking. She uses a train to work, but appears to be stalking her ex husband’s house Tom, and his new girlfriend Anna. Then one day, on her train journey she finds the next door neighbour to Tom, which is a young girl called Meghan Kissing Kamal Abdic. Shocked by what she has found out about Meghan having an affair, she goes to confront her; but because she has been drinking she passes out and awakes to find herself severly injured. But also, Meghan is presumed dead/missing, so Rachel pretends to be a friend of hers and goes to Scott (Meghans partner). This doesn’t go to well, so she ends up in a bar talking to this man in a suit, who claimed that he was down in the tunnel, and saw Meghan and a man as well as Rachel beaten up; she denies/objects to this. Meanwhile, Anna tries to get inside Tom’s laptop after assuming that he is cheating on her, instead she comes across a phone with secret messsages/phonecalls from a mysterious woman (later revealed as Meghan). Rachel finds out the truth that Tom had tried to cover his abusive relationship by telling her what had happened, when it didn’t, after talking to Martha; she then finds out that as Meghan was pregnant, and Tom was the father. This means that Tom murdered Meghan because she said she wanted to keep the baby, exposing their affair. After figuring all this out, Rachel goes to tell Anna who already knows, then confronts Tom who threatens Anna by taking their baby, Rachel tries to ring the police but Tom stops her. So she begins to run away and Tom catches up to her but she manages to stab him in the neck killing him, which Anna comes from outside the house to finish him by twisting the object in his neck. The film then ends on both Rachel and Anna confirming to the police that she killed Tom in self defence; and now has a job where she takes the same train but sits on the opposite side of the carriage.

The character Rachel played by Emily Blunt.

The film was amazing in the way that I couldn’t predict the ending because of the fact that the editing consist of flashbacks from drunk Rachel or memories from Rachel who is sober, meaning that it was hard to picture what she was. Therefore, the audience is engaged in the film to the extent of feeling as if they were in Rachel’s position. I also enjoyed the ending because it was plot twist, which I expected Rachel to confront Tom and that would be it, not that she and Anna would kill Tom. The film then contained a gory aspect as we see the physical damage she does, by twisting a corkscrew in his neck; blood pouring out everywhere on the grass. But aslo, the ending is quite symbollic, in the sense that as she sits on the other side of the train carriage, it signifys how she has moved on from her past life and looking towards the future.

emily blunt.png

I also feel that Emily Blunts acting in “The Girl On The Train” was incredible because she done an exceptional performance as the role of an alcholic woman; I think she was a great actress for this role even though I havne’t seen any of her other films, I would definately like to.

However, the one thing I dislike about the film is that I had heard from people that have read the book, that the film was set in New York, whereas the book is based in England/London. Therefore, this meant that some viewers were annoyed at the fact that they couldn’t recognise any train stations or areas that’s used in the film, as the film is heavily dependent on the train used frquently by Rachel. So Uk fans were quite disappointed at this aspect of the film. But I guess that the Director Tate Taylors chose to film in New York because the houses would have had larger terraces, in which the scene where Rachel looks out the window from the train to see Meghan kissing the unknown man, would be greater. Meaning that we can then see a clearer view of the house and the background.


Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who hasn’t read the book because then you can be connected to the drama in involved in each scene, and not be able to predict the outcome at the end. Which I would rate this film…fivestar