As a group we decided for us all to make a storyboard, mood-board, script and shot list in order to establish our ideas together; which helped us to express our idea of a creepy man walking through his garage door to find a vulnerable woman tied to a chair.

For example: our Producer Kate, made the following storyboard and mood-board (below), presenting our idea through images found on the internet which display what we all imagined our task to look like:


Especially in the mood-board, mise-en-scene was explored so that we could picture the different/important elements of costumes, props, locations etc that will need to be taken into consideration for our task.


Our group’s Director Nicole made the script shown below, including the dialogue between the two characters as well as the stage directions to help direct the actors for their lines they had to learn, for instance when to say their lines.


Then as Director Of Photography (D.O.P), I made the shot list (see below), to not only help me understand the ideas I wanted to portray through the different shots, but also enabling us as a group to show our understanding of a range/ variety of shots that we could apply to the task.