This christmas advert below by Alegro was titled “English for beginers” and has reached over 12 million views since it was released just before December 1st.

What I like most about this is how well the story unfolds and links to the website where the elederly man is using it for audio to learn English, he then begins to practise by sticking post it notes all over different objects like his dog for example. As he contuinues to practise regularly, it’s not until the very end when the audience find out that he’s learnt all of it to meet his grandaughter for the first time.  In which he says “Hi I am your Grandpa”; at this stage I was in tears because of how much he went through to be able to speak to his grandaughter he hasn’t seen before by learning another language, despite English being one the hardest languages to speak along with Japanese.


Moreover, the amusing aspects to it really make the audience experience different emotions throughout watching, such as laughing at him when he says “I love You” out loud on bus with passengers just looking at him, to sobbing in tears at the end with the over the shoulder shot of him talking in English to his Granddaughter. Even when he falls asleep whilst practising and two kids are giggling at him made me laugh because I thought that he was getting tired of learning it, but instead he continues and perseveres. This demonstrates how much he went through in order to connect to his granddaughter; creating emphasis on his final lines. As a result, the audience feel emotional towards him and the fade out of background music adds more empathy to the Grandpa.

However, if I had to criticise one thing it would be that the advert is too long and the ones that have been shortened to fit on Polish Television don’t show the real heartwarming aspect to the advert. So I do enjoy watching the longer version because then you get to see how much the man practised, learning different words; revealing the true meaning behind it.