I have previously researched the meaning of the word Mise-en-scene, and came across many different ones including those below:

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But all of which associate to how properties are staged within a media text, like in film for instance. This is where my media notes taken after watching the opening scene to Mission Impossible, links well to the different aspects of mise-en-scene I don’t often comment about, such as the effect of different lighting and body language.

Mission Impossible 2 (Directed by John Woo) is an Action Thriller film starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt who works with Nyah Nirdoff-Hall (Thandie Newton) to achieve their mission sent by The Impossible Mission Force, of capturing a virus called “Chimera” that will soon be released by terrorists…

Therefore, my notes about the opening scene Mission Impossible is revealed below:


The extract of the opening scene to this film can be viewed below:

I can see that Mise-en-scene has been taken into account when filming because

  • the setting/location of a hazardous place is presented through the male character climbing rocks high up in the cliffs of Dead Horse Point in Utah.
  • as Tom Cruise is the only person visible in the extract it can suggest that he will face the mission alone.
  • the use of artificial lighting makes the sequence more realistic and therefore creates more tension as the audience begin to fear for his life throughout watching it; due to thinking that at any point he could slip and fall.
  • the colour of brown emphasises the natural scenery of the extreme rock climbing that’s taking place.
  • the composition of shots is explored in my notes below: