As previously I have done a film review for the 2002 American psychological thriller film “One Hour Photo”, I think compares to our opening credits because our idea is closely linked to the theme of obsession.

This is mainly because the girl character in our opening credits has an obsession with newspaper articles about missing people or some of those people are dead, which she has these cuttings in a handmade scrapbook. This links to the character Sy Parrish in “One Hour Photo” because he has photos of a family that he stalks and prints a copy of their photographs to stick onto his wall in his house.


Moreover, he seems like a normal character, only a little bit mysterious in the opening part of the film, but as this progresses the audience see his home where he has the collection of stalker photos. I find this effective because the character is the antagonist of the film, yet the audience don’t expect this from a lonely old man. Therefore, our group’s idea of a young girl acting mysterious in the sense that she has a board filled with locations of murders of the people in her book, makes the audience question their beliefs if she will be the antagonist in the film or if she is innocent as a ‘child’ is usually symbolised as. As a result our group questions society’s expectation of a character and their potential role in the film.