Below are a series of photographs that were taken on our first day of filming:

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Overall, I think that as a group we made a start to our project as we began to create the scrapbook in which the character uses to reveal the deaths and information about missing people. We done this by cutting out newspaper headlines and merging several of them into one, for instance we found various sized headlines (bold and small) from different articles and created our own sentences using these words.

Also, so that we weren’t wasting time, some of us went upstairs and began to decorate the set, as mine-en-scene plays a significant part in films. This was done by changing Kate’s room, meaning that we moved everything off of the board because we needed this to be blank, enabling us to put up a travel map with some photographs and circling particular areas in red/black sharpie pen.

But before decorating the board, Matt had started to make the name “INQUEST” in red string on the board using pins to shape the string into letters; which looked really good and we will be using this design in our opening title sequence. Although we decided in our planning that we wanted the name to be pinned on the map, on the board, meaning that next time we film, we will have to try and recreate this design. Which will set up for the next day of the filming where it will be of her adding to her scrapbook and to the map, as well as her frantically pinning string onto the board; not until the end of the sequence will the audience see it’s her creation of the name of INQUEST in the string.

However, in terms of what we had filmed, we hadn’t done as much as what we had wanted to have filmed due to spending a majority of the time creating the book which took longer that we expected. Moreover, we tried making the back of the scrapbook look really good by using fake blood to print a handprint on the back; this didn’t turn out well as the print didn’t come out well on the brown colour of the book. Which before we tried, we thought that decorating the back would add to our initial idea of having the credits end on her shutting the book, so that the audience can see the pages close and then the back of the book itself. Which now we will have to change this due to the back of the scrapbook not looking how we wanted it to, so instead it will be of a zooming out shot of the back of the girl’s head to reveal the board in which she has created throughout the opening credits, where the audience will be able to see the name of the film in red string.

Therefore, our first day was successful in the sense that we had created the scrapbook, taken the polaroid pictures showing the special effects make up, and filmed the opening scene of her walking out of bed, sitting down and getting the scrapbook out of her desk.