Yesterday was our second day of filming as a group, where we had spent the time redecorating the set, as well as filming the scene of her opening the scrapbook, adding to the pages and doing the board with the red string.


But because we had already used Olivia, the special effect make up artist, we didn’t need to spend anytime on taking polaroid pictures of the injuries on the faces as we had already done this the last time we filmed; this meant that we were partly already set up to film.

Whilst filming we decided that we wanted to have a birds eye view shot of the character creating the scrapbook; therefore we had to use a stool for Matt to stand on, whilst we helped steady the camera so that the shot wasn’t shaky.

The image on the right displays how a high angle wasn’t exactly what we wanted because the desk would have been slightly at an angle in comparison to the rest of our shots. So having a birds eye view shot (evident in the image below, of what the footage would look like), is better because then as the pace of the sequence begins to increase, this shot will create tension as the audience will clearly be able to see what the character is doing as the headlines would be bold and standing out, grabbing their attention.


We also filmed many extreme close up shots, following the structure on our shot list; meaning that we had these shots of her hands attaching the string to the pins and onto the board, with her putting pictures on there as well.

However, what we had to carefully consider was the shadows that were present because we decided to change the lighting for our thriller opening credits. For the reason that, we had oringinally tried using low key lighting, by having the lights low, but this made the footage seem grainy when we had looked back on it. Furthermore, we used one lamp instead despite this being much brighter, we positioned it on the bed so that it was quite a distance away; which still had created shadows of the character on the board and wall. We wanted to keep the idea of including shadows because this was a common convention of the thriller genre, (what our research had shown).

So we constantly watched the shadows in the footage and whilst filming,to make sure that ours wasn’t in the shot.


When it came to filming the part when the character is putting the string onto the board, we done several shots including point of view, close ups and tracking shots of her hand with the string. This was beause we wanted to have enough footage to put together when editing, that it makes it seem like she is creating the word “INQUEST” as the name of our film, without the audience actually seeing this until the very end in the last shot, which will display it.

Matt had recreated the same design we had used last time, by using the red string and pins; in which the character undone some of the letters and we filmed her doing them, still not revealing what exactly she is doing, except creating something with the string.


Then to end our opening credits, we filmed the final part where the sound of her mother telling her to hurry up is heard in the distance and she turns her head to the side and leaves the frame; which the audience can finally see what she has created, as well as the string spelling out the name of our thriller film.