Previously, in another blog post I evaluated my groups continuity task, where we had established some improvements like the sound at the beginning needing to be changed. Therefore, the new improved version was uploaded onto YouTube and can also be viewed below:

As a result of the change in colour from the first cut displayed in the normal filter, to now in “Rough Cut 2” showing a black and white effect, we have effectively improved the task. For the reason that beforehand the audience could noticeably see the reflection of the light on the door, but now with the black and white effect it’s not as visible; meaning that the audience’s attention remains on the male character and what’s yet to occur…

In addition, the inclusion of the strident background music creates an even more eerie feel to our continuity task due to the way the sounds of the instruments building up the audience’s emotions of anticipation. Then as this fades out once the screen goes black, the diegetic sounds of footsteps and fast breathing has been added to the sequence; meaning that we have met our other improvement as in “Rough Cut 1” it wasn’t understandable for the audience to know that a chair was being dragged across the floor. Therefore, having changed this sound to footsteps, it creates an even more tense atmosphere where the audience’s emotions of anxiety is intensified.

But also, the black screen doesn’t seem to have a long time duration as it did have before because the new diegetic sounds enable the audience to follow the narrative much more clearly: as a man has just entered a dark room, with this being his footsteps edging closer to possibly someone else in the garage. Which the diegetic sounds of heavy breathing suggests that this other person is in some form of danger; then as the bright lights emerge, the dialogue begins.

However, we haven’t met this one improvement we had stated in our last cut for our continuity of the actress’ eyes beginning to look up in one shot, when in the next the man is positioned down on her left. So this continuity error wasn’t completed in our “Rough Cut 2” as it still occurs at 0:56; suggesting that we have to improve this for our final edit by either cutting this shot out or simply reducing the shot duration so that you wouldn’t see her doing it.