Due to our response in our second feedback, we had received several comments on the misinterpretation of the title “INQUEST” for our opening thriller title sequence. Therefore, we had decided to change the layout of the set, in which the audience would be able to see the letters made out of the red string much clearer.

The image above, on the left displays our new recent set, in comparison to the image on the right which was taken during our first day of shooting.

Furthermore, the differences include removing two of the printed images that we had thought were quite irrelevant, in the sense that the images had no relevance to our media product as one was simply just someone’s eye and the other was dark and blurry. So removing these elements from the board, meant that we needed to have something else that would replace the empty space; which we had decided to use the polaroid pictures that would enable us to have a credit of that person shown in the picture. Our mise-en-scene then became more specific to our task as well as developing our opening title sequence due to the audience not being quite able to see the exact letters as a picture was making it difficult to see.

Also, another improvement that I believe we had met, was the fact that our feedback uncovered many members of the audience picking up on how the footage was quite shaky, where we perhaps had not used a tripod. Although we had some difficulty in setting up the tripod as there was a missing piece that we need to use to attach the camera to the tripod. But Kate went to get another two where one was quite large, which we could use to film the girl pinning up string on the board. The other was small so that we could use this one to put on the table and film the part where the pages are turned.

Therefore, we had used a tripod to improve this element of our improvement, as it enabled us to film the footage without looking shaky and staying in focus throughout.