The below images display my group’s target feedback we had received through using Survey-Monkey, where we had asked a range of questions, ranging from information about themselves such as their age and gender so that we could get an average for our target audience in which we would aim our media product to. As well as what their perception of the key characteristics and conventions associated with the thriller genre.


This question above demonstrates how the majority of those who had participated in the quiz, had their favorite movie being Taken, which is a action-thriller. Therefore, we can infer that the rest of the information had filled out in the quiz would be based off of this; meaning that the conventions they believed to be particular in thrillers, would be that of the hybrid genre of an action thriller.


That fact that we received the survey feedback on the majority (being 60%) not mattering if the lead character its female or male. Therefore, this supports our idea as we have chosen to portray a female character who is stereo typically meant to be inferior and subordinate in comparison to men, which we question this by representing the woman as the antagonist of the potential film.

screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-09-57-51This changed our original idea as we had previously filmed with low-key lighting as shadows and the darkness would be emphasised on the board when the girl would be pinning up the string. But as this made the footage appear quite grainy, as well as the audience preferring to have intense lighting in the form of high-key rather than low-key lighting.

screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-09-57-26We have taken this survey feedback into consideration, but will change our approach to what they have said, as 43.33% would like to see the character, but we will have a character in the opening title sequence whilst not revealing their face. For the reason that this is a typical convention of the thriller genre to not have the antagonist seen throughout the beginning of the film, only to be uncovered later in the near end of the film.

screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-09-57-07This question above, demonstrates how our audience would like to engage within the thriller opening title sequence as asking if they prefer one with non-diegetic music or dialogue is significant. For the reason that we want to produce a media product that would target this audience’s perception of what they believe to see when watching a thriller opening title sequence. Which we have received evidence that our audience prefer music rather than dialogue; so we will take this into consideration when producing the sequence.

To see whether our audience would like either a fast pace or slow pace sequence, we decided to ask this question in our Survey-Monkey, to only find out that 80%prefer a fast paced sequence. Therefore, meaning that we should create a thriller opening title sequence that will conform to our audience’s expectation, or we could subvert this by creating a slow-paced one. But the only problem with doing this would be that although it’s unique, we would need to ensure that we keep the audience engaged, because if not they could lose interest. Furthermore, the film would not be categorized as a thriller due to not following the conventions of this genre- to provoke the audience’s anticipation; which fast pace editing usually does this.