Above, demonstrates how our first cut to our thriller opening title sequence and we had picked up on a few aspects that we could improve to make our second cut such as:

  • We had not yet included a production company that would usually be introduced in a film’s opening title sequence.
  • The non-diegetic background music is good because it’s quiet eerie, making the audience feel intrigued  when watching the sequence; although it is quite repetitive.
  • The typography has a short duration as it appears and then quickly flicks off screen, meaning that there’s not enough time to fully read the names; but it’s great because it’s captivating whilst not distracting the audience’s attention from what’s going on in the shot.
  • We had not included the final typography text which would be the name of the film, so this is something we would have to add in for the next time.
  • The diegetic sound of book closing, finalises the sequence and leaves a lasting impact on the audience because of this; which I think it would be good if the name of the film popped up onscreen soon after.

Above is the second edit/cut for our thriller opening title sequence, and below are a few comments on what we had thought when re-watching it:

  • This time we had included a production company called “ICE PRODUCTIONS”, which the white typography text gradually zooms in before quickly fading into the black background; this leaves the audience on the edge of their seats to see what this production company “PRESENTS”…
  • We have used the same music as in the first cut for our opening thriller title sequence.
  • The longer duration of typography text makes the audience acknowledge the credits behind the production of the sequence, as well as having the text much more bolder and larger means it’s easier to read, than before when it was thin and smaller.
  • We had the title of the film (INQUEST) at the end, straight after the diegetic sound of the book closing that can be heard, which meets our improvement we had decided in our previous edit.

For the third title sequence exhibited above, we had changed many parts including:

  • The production company sound is louder which instantly intensifies the start of the sequence, captivating the audience.
  • The diegetic sound of the blind roll moving overpowers the soundtrack, this gives quite an eerie impression evoking the audience’s emotions of anxiousness.
  • The addition to the voice-over includes “don’t look behind you” and then the girl does exactly this; suggestive of her not aiding her conscience, so not knowing right from wrong.
  • A variety of synchronous sound is now used such as the sound effect when she jumps off of the bed, the scratchy sound effect when she circles in book, and the sound effect of the turning book page.
  • White noise plays throughout all the way to the ending, as in our previous rough cut, one member of the audience suggested to include white noise in their feedback response. Therefore we had decided to see if this would work, and agreed together that it does fit perfectly in creating the effect of wearing out the suspense which has built up throughout the extract.

Above, is our final cut for our thriller opening title sequence called “INQUEST”, which we had added more sounds into the voice-over since the previous edit, such as more whispering voices overlapping each other that makes it difficult for the audience to comprehend what they are saying. Furthermore, we believe this is reflective of the character’s mental instability as the voices are inside her head and she can’t configure them so they overpower her and ultimately have lead to her committing various crimes…