This time filming, after we had all agreed to change our idea to having a girl who believes she is both a child and a teenager, meant that we had to adopt the mise-en-scene, in particular, to suit this.

For instance we decided to use several point of view camera shots in a mirror by placing the camera in a position where you can’t actually see it in the shot, whilst the girl is putting on her make up in a childish way. Which we had decided to film two of these shots, where one would end with her smudging the makeup, to the next shot of her rubbing her clean face. This demonstrates how she has two complete different personalities as exemplified through the merging of the two shots together, like in the 1997 film “Contact” the ‘through the mirror trick’ shot inspired us. For the reason that the fantastic cinematography, most known in the scene of the little girl running all the way upstairs to retrieve her dying father’s pills in a cabinet, was a single shot filmed through the mirror on the door of the cabinet. (See below for the short clip that displays this taken from the film) :

Therefore, we liked making the audience feel captivated by the connection with a mirror, so we had decided to film this.

Another change we had made when filming, was that we had decided to actually write in the scrap book, not like last time where we had just filmed her highlighting the newspaper headlines, this time she had made comments such as “Dead” underneath the Polaroid pictures as well as circling and drawing arrows. For the reason that it would make it more interesting and we could then add in sound effects over the top of the pen marking the page.

Furthermore, we decided that to maintain the audience’s understanding of the girl being the murderer and so the antagonist of the film, we created a new page where she was listing various names of her new “Target”. This meant that the audience would know she is the cause to the deaths of all those in the pictures displayed in her scrapbook.

day4 4

In addition, we changed the layout of several of the pages in the scrapbook as Nicole had brought in many newspaper headlines that we could then use to fill up some more of the pages; these were particularly good as they related well to the topic of our opening title sequence. For example “STALKER” links to the crime sub-genre as the police would most often be involved in this sort of case, so when we had filmed the girl scraping a sharp knife across the picture next to this headline, the audience can infer that she has something to do with it.

Then finally, near the end of filming, we decided to film the end footage twice, the first where the girl would shut the book and the cover would be left blank; this meant that we could edit the typography text on top of it. Or use the footage where we had filmed her writing the name of the film- “INQUEST” on the cover in marker pen, but this didn’t work as it didn’t turn out as we had expected, so we had decided to use the first idea.

day4 5

Therefore, I can conclude our final day of filming was successful as we had filmed everything we needed to have done, which took all of our previous feedback into consideration as well as adding new ideas along the way.

But all we have to do now is to add the sound effects in, create and use a voice over of whispering voices telling the girl what to do, and the non-diegetic background music.