As a group we had decided to adapt our idea slightly for the reason that we thought that having her getting dressed for school, creating the scrapbook, pinning the string on the board was too much for us to create for a thriller opening title sequence. Therefore, we made new planning documents such as the script and shot list that exhibits our new idea described below:

Originally, Ellie had the idea of producing a title sequence that evolves around a girl who has multiple personality disorder, believing she is both a young child and an elderly woman. However, we thought this would be too similar to a trailer and thus difficult to create a title sequence. Then our second idea was to have a female character as the antagonist of the film, exemplified through her actions of creating a scrapbook with her murdered victims inside. But after 3 times of filming based off of this idea, we agreed as a group that this wasn’t work for us, as our plan and the actual product didn’t end up as what we had imagined. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that we needed to adapt our idea, even if this meant that we would have to recreate the whole product. Which to do so, was possible through merging these two ideas together. Furthermore, having a girl with a multiple personality disorder act in a certain way by creating just her scrapbook with her victims inside became our new idea and we all agreed in liking this.

This meant that we could still use all of our props we had previously used in the last drafts such as the Polaroid pictures, the scrapbook itself, the cuttings of newspaper headlines, but not the map with the red string.

Our title sequence will still conform to most of the forms and conventions of the crime thriller genre for instance the antagonist is still portrayed through the low-key lighting and shadows representing evilness within the girl, and the headlines of “We have Lost faith in cops” exemplifies an aspect of the crime genre.

As a result, our Director Nicole created the script which summarised the main actions, character and setting as displayed below:

script inquest final.jpg

Then as Director of Photography I made the shot list which explains our group’s choice of shots and the intentional portrayal of meaning through each of these shots:shotlist inquestshotlist inquest 2

As well as I had decided to make the storyboard as displayed below, which demonstrates the shot type, duration, camera information and comments to do with the story:

sb media inquest 3sb media inquest 2sb media inquest 1